How to deal with poor air quality in Beijing

A recent article in the New York Times is reporting that pollution levels in Beijing have gone beyond the maximum level of the scale. How is it possible for a value to be bigger than the one considered the biggest possible value? Apparently, when designing the scale, researchers have underestimated the amount of pollution China can emit.

Beijing is a nightmare for anyone interested in having a healthy air to breathe. It is in the proximity of many factories, has a huge amount of car traffic and, to make everything worse, there are some hills around it that stops the flow of polluted air outside the area.

If you are living in Beijing, it is an absolute must to have a very good ventilation system in your house, with regularly cleaned HEPA/ activated carbon air filters. It’s also very useful to have VOC air purifiers running, that can filter particles smaller than 0.3 microns.

Also, it’s better to keep windows closed during day time, that’s usually when pollution is worst, due to the car traffic.

I would suggest having a few plants in the house as well, but am not sure if there’s enough light for them to live. I’ve never been to Beijing, but I read that the sun is most of the time covered by smog.

If you’re living in Beijing and have some tips or personal experience to share about improving the air quality, please do so in the comments below.